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Domestic Cleaning

General duties covered by our regular cleaning service :

  • Dusting surfaces throughout including light fittings, ceiling fans, skirting boards, polishing furniture, cleaning interior window seals and ledges and many more
  • Cleaning sink, cupboards, bench tops, stove, microwave, etc
  • Thoroughly cleaning bathrooms, bath or shower area and toilets
  • Vacuuming carpets and hard / wooden floors
  • Mopping hard / wooden floors
  • Other tasks and duties as requested and agreed

Regular Cleaning Service booking process:

Depending on the size and condition of client's property, considering requirements and expectations, in order to be able to estimate and evaluate the whole job our company usually opt and suggest any new client to arrange an initial visit with us. 
The initial visit (free and no obligation) usually takes about 10-15 minutes.
During the initial visit we are able to discuss in details all cleaning duties and time frame needed to perform  in through and professional way all tasks expected by the client in his/her property.

Sometimes where the property is being in a less than suitable condition, during the initial visit we may ask to allow a cleaner on the first job some extra time in order to be able to perform extra cleaning tasks.
This is to bring the new property up to a professional standard.
Most likely these extra tasks with extra time needed will not be required later providing that the property will be maintained regularly.

A cleaner who is a police cleared, professionally trained  is going to be arranged by our company. The cleaner is going to undertake and perform requested cleaning duties at your property on regular basis, during arranged day and time and per previously made arrangements.

After the first job is done our company will contact both: the new client and the cleaner to ask both to confirm whether during the arranged time the cleaning tasks and duties have been performed according to good cleaning standards.
When both the client and the cleaner are pleased with the job and happy to continue, then a regular cleaning service will be confirmed to both parties.
We kindly ask our clients that any ongoing (regular) cleaning service scheduled, to be performed on the same (regular) day and the same (regular) time weekly or fortnightly in future.
This is to respect us our time and our commitments.

We do respect our clients' privacy, so we do not provide cleaners with clients' private mobile numbers. We also believe that our clients are able to respect our cleaners' privacy.
We kindly request our clients not to insist on our cleaners to reveal their private mobile numbers.
We strongly believe that our cleaners private numbers are for their private use and we respect the fact that most cleaners expect us not reveal their private numbers.

If there is any information our clients wish to pass to our cleaner, then they are more than welcome to contact our office by email or text message sent to the company's mobile number or just drop a written note for a cleaner in a kitchen bench. 

Thank you in advance for your understanding and respecting the above.

Our regular cleaning service is charged at regular rate, so we would like the service to be provided regularly as its was arranged. However we accept some occasional job cancellations (hopefully not exceeding 10% of total regular jobs scheduled).
Whenever job cancellation is necessary we kindly ask our clients to provide us with min 48 hrs given notice (voice call, sms, email) 

Clients can suspend or cancel for good our service by giving us at least 48 hrs prior notice.  Regular rates apply if the service is performed regularly , which means with no more than 2 weeks intervals.
When regular cleaning service is rescheduled (exeeding 2 weeks time), non regular rates may apply.  

We recommend our new client to remain at home during cleaner's first visit.
That is because we would like the client to be sure that during arranged time the cleaner is working hard, professionally and efficiently.
Our cleaners are usually pleased to hear from clients some suggestions and comments about the work they are performing as long they are passed in a polite and friendly way.
We highly appreciate all those feedbacks passed to us as they lead us to perform cleaning duties better and better.
Those feedbacks can also help us to offer more customized service, to meet best our client's needs and preferences.

We are proud that year by year we gradually increase a number of our happy clients.
Some of the clients have used our cleaning service continuously for nearly a decade.
We are grateful for that, we appreciate that and we wish to thank our valuable clients for their trust and loyalty.

Contact us today for (free no obligation) job quotation of our exceptional service.


Prices for regular domestic cleaning service :

 (weekly or fortnightly jobs min 2hrs) 
2 hrs - $66
2,5 hrs - $80
3 hrs - $93
3,5 hrs - $108
4 hrs - $120
4,5 hrs -$135
5 hrs - $145

extra hour/s - $29/h 

Prices for other cleaning service:
- One-Off/Non Regular Domestic Cleaning 
$35/h  (min 2,5 hrs job - min $90)
-Vacate, Spring, End of Lease, After Building/Renovation Cleaning
Regular Commercial/Office Cleaning

-Free job quotation can be provided.

-Client's References can be provided.

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